Demy Cropped Flare 高腰短版小喇叭褲


  • Our most coveted new fit, the Demy is a high rise cropped flare with endless versatility
  • crafted from comfort stretch denim, offering an authentic look with a touch of stretch added for effortless wearability
  • The Solo wash is a medium blue indigo
  • This fabric has a touch of stretch, giving you the comfort of stretch with a vintage denim look
  • 98% Cotton 2% Spandex
  • Zip fly closure
  • Machine wash cold inside-out. Hang dry or tumble dry low
  • Made in Los Angeles


  • COH 高腰短版小喇叭褲 Demy
  • Demy是我們最令人垂涎​​的新款,是一款具有無限多功能性的高腰裁剪喇叭褲。
  • 採用舒適彈力牛仔布製成,帶來真正的外觀和彈性,帶來休閒舒適感。
  • 這款面料具有一絲彈力,帶來復古牛仔外觀的舒適感。
  •  98%棉2%氨綸
  •  拉鍊封口
  •  機洗內外冷。懸掛乾燥或翻滾乾燥低
  •  洛杉磯製造